Accident lands mother and daughter in ICU … as driver attempts to flee scene

An accident by the Western Bypass which involved a truck, a red sedan and a taxi landed a mother and her daughter in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Lady Pohamba hospital after sustaining serious injuries this past week.

A truck which appeared at a bent coming from the Unam side headed for the Country Club rammed into the red sedan before crushing into a taxi resulting in severe injuries on the two and the taxi passengers.

An emergency response team which came on the scene rushed the mother and her daughter (names withheld) to Lady Pohamba Hospital where they were put in ICU while the taxi driver and passengers (5 persons) were whisked to Katutura Hospital.

Marshall Rangers Namibia Sheriff Sean Naude who confirmed the report said the truck driver, who did not sustain any visible injuries failed to gain traction of his vehicle due to the slippery road resulting in the crush.

“The truck came from the Unam side, he came around a bent and lost control then he connected with the red car (sedan). When he hit the red car, the other cars that were between the red car and the black car (taxi) passed the truck because he was over on the yellow lane already. Then the truck driver turned back on the highway and he hit the taxi,” explained the Sheriff.

The Sheriff said the taxi driver confirmed that the truck driver was attempting to flee the scene of the accident.

“This happened at about 05.15pm, it was a bad accident, very bad injuries and the mother can be lucky because I was the first on the scene and we got her out of the vehicle and we were scared she could be trapped in it. You can see the whole vehicle is crushed on the other side. All the medical teams arrived and so it was cleaned up,” he said.

The Sheriff also confirmed that one of their administrators who happened to be a family friend of the critically injured paid a visit to the hospital and has confirmed that the daughter is recuperating well.

“Our Admin went to the hospital, the little girl is ok still in ICU, mother also in ICU but in a bad state, we hope for the best and fast recovery,” he said in a written text.

Police chief inspector Kauna Shikwambi however said she had not received any report by the time The Villager called her office.

“So much is happening everyday but we do not report every day but we have not received that report. We caution the drivers to take it slow and adhere to the stipulated road rules and regulations and speed limits. Be careful and make sure that they check their vehicles for road worthiness. Particularly looking at the tyres, if they are worn out, they will definitely be slippery, causing accidents and people’s lives are lost,” she said.