Education ministry secures N$30m for library rehabilitation

The education ministry has secured N$30 million to repair the national library which has fallen apart and is currently closed to the public.   

The funding to revamp the building comes from the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the first phase of minor renovations are expected to start by next month, the ministry’s public relations officer, Absalom Absalom has told The Villager. 

“There are funds the ministry has received from the African Development Bank for renovations. We will use them for renovations of the building. The ministry is looking into starting with the renovations as from next month but the focus is to start them off with minor renovations. This includes every little work that needs to be worked on at the building,” he said

He added that the major renovations on the building will only start later in the year after minor renovations have been successfully completed and contractors will be secured through tenders once all the paper work is in order. 

  “The library has been closed for almost three weeks and we are sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused. With this funding at the ministry’s disposal, we are optimistic that all members of the public will soon have access to all services offered. Funding is always a challenge and the ministry was facing challenges due to minimal funds the ministry has,” she said. 

She added that the major rehabilitation of the building could take up to a year and half because of the sate the building is in. 

However, Absalom could not reply to questions posted by this publication, on whether the ministry of works and transport was not responsible for rehabilitating the building. 

“I will have to consult my senior before I say anything. I really don’t know why this specific building has to be renovated by the ministry itself. Please let me get back to you on this one,” he said. 

The works ministry’s permanent secretary, Willem Goeieman, said his ministry is not responsible for renovations of the national library. 

“We are not responsible for rehabilitation of the national library building. I will not be able to tell you why we are not responsible for rehabilitation of this building. Please call the line ministry and ask those questions,” Goeieman said.