Brave Warriors sailing smoothly - Analysts

With the Brave Warriors having won the second game in their group B match at the current CHAN championship against Uganda, analysts are optimistic the boys are in for a decisive victory.    

 The Villager spoke to sports analysts and experts on the performance of Brave Warriors in their lasts victory match against Uganda. 

Former Brave Warriors player and HopSol Youth League founder, Collin Benjamin has applauded the boys and said that other teams have noticed that the Namibians are a  force to reckon with.

“Technically one could say they had instructions and basically played according to the instructions. I think the instruction was not to allow their opponents behind them and to always have the ball in front of them. And to have a win in the group match is encouraging. Our boys have been playing the defensive ball. It was definitely a good performance from our boys. I am very proud of them,” he said.    

He added that there is no need for the team to score many goals because winning with one goal counts and that the boys are determined to win regardless of the number of goals they score. 

“As a soccer man I think that the coach is very happy right now, so is the nation. We just need to do the same to the Zambian team when we play them in the next match. We will defend and score at our pace,” Benjamin said. 

Sports analyst and reporter, Jessy Jackson Kauraisa said, “It was a strategic performance by the Warriors. It's clear that their game plan was to defend at first in the first half of the game and only to attack when the opportunity presented itself. They did very well and I believe that the nation will agree with me.”

“By now the coach knows his players well and he obviously believes in the team that is why he looked so relaxed just waiting for the ball at the back of the net. The performance of the team was outstanding but they must not relax now and be more aggressive on defense for the next game,” he said. 

He added that in order to win the next game, the coach must select the same starting line up because they have proven to be technical and aggressive defensive players and that the team has to start attempting shots-on-target when they get the chance.

However, Sports analyst Silver Cock has said that the previous game was tough for the boys as the opponents came with a storm to win. 

“The game was very tough but the boys did well. We have seen real defensive play from our boys. They protected the goal post with all they got and there is no doubt that the boys really have what it takes to be champions. This is the same team we have seen winning several games last year and I believe that by now they are playing according to the game plan they have mastered. I will tell you that if they keep playing like this then I guarantee you we are on our way to the finals,” he said.

He added that the boys have to pull up their socks for the next game as the Zambian team is one of the best teams in the tournament.