Oteya takes local music to the club

Afro pop artist Oteya has taken it upon herself to boost local content in clubs through her every Wednesday show called ‘Oteya and Friends at Chopsies.

Oteya’s manager Sula, told Vibe this past week that local clubs are failing to promote local content and ‘Oteya with Friends’ is indeed a great platform for upcoming artists and established musicians to promote their music through live performances.

“Every Wednesday’s show is all about promoting her previous album and to also invite fellow artists to perform with her or by themselves. We are also trying to promote unity through this,” Sula said.

According to the manager, musicians are still struggling to work together and through Oteya and Friends he believes that the unity and trust among artists can be rebuilt.

“We don’t reveal who we are inviting but every Wednesday we have a guest coming to perform one song and bond throughout the night,” he explained.

So far, Paul Da Prince and KP Illest amongst many have been invited as guest performers and more are expected to appear on the Queen Oteezy show.

“This kind of approach has worked in other countries where artists are residential musicians for a certain club,” he said, adding that it has been a good experience for the team so far.

“We have another surprise guest by next week and we will be bringing more fun to this industry,” Sula said.

With plans to penetrate into the European market, Sula said they are working very hard to promote her music locally.

Most artists have argued in the past that club D jays are killing the industry through feeding the crowd with foreign tunes but for Oteya, the narrative might start to transition.

Sula further explained that, “we have been complaining for years about these D jays who don’t play local music, so we were like, why don’t we rather take the music where the crowd is?”

Apart from her Oteya and Friends show, she is currently working on another banger album, more detail will come.