Kris aims for the stars

Local standup comedian Kristian Hafunda Yambeulu (22), who is popularly known as Kris with a K, is set on taking his slice of the cake from the industry.

The comic who has only been doing standup comedy for close to three years now has already had international exposure.

Kris performed in South Africa when he took part in the Delphic International Comedy Championship which took place last year. 

He has also taken his skills to Mozambique, Botswana and has marked the United States of America as a must go to by the age of 25. 

The Katutura born comic this week told Vibe that he has always wanted to be a comedian, and that his friends called him ‘the clown’.

“I love what I do and how I started was weird, my lecturer would encourage me to call the Free Your Mind guys and just try to be part of them, so I did,” Kris said. 

He said that his plans with Free Your Mind did not go well after he finally gave them a call, because of a joke gone bad.

“When they asked me to show them what I am able to do, the first thing that came to my mind was the Chris Rock’s jokes and little did I know that everyone could memorise his jokes,” he laughed. 

Although Kris was caught red handed copying another international comic's jokes, he said he did not get into much trouble as Free Your Mind was willing to assist him with coming up with jokes of his own.

He explained,” the guys were like, you know what we will teach you how to create your own jokes because we like the way you performed but don’t do it again.” 

After he was signed by the Free Your Mind crew, Kris said there was no turning back and has been performing at different venues ever since. 

Kris is also a 4th year student at the University of Namibia, where he is doing a Bachelors of Arts in Media Studies and Drama.

“I love being a comic, it is more of a hobby to me than a career but I will continue pushing and if it all goes well why not? If not, then I take my qualifications from under the matrass,” he says. 

Apart from pushing for more gigs, the young man has plans to go on a tour to perform in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.

“All the information will be out soon because I am still busy searching for the right market to go to because it is not everyone that loves comedy,” he noted.