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NIMT accused of withholding trade certificates

by Rodney Pienaar

The acting principal of Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) Northern-Campus said that trade certificates of trainees have not yet been issued by the Namibia Training Authority (NTA) following complaints by students that the institution has failed to award them with certificates. 

Trade certificates are only issued after six months from the date of sitting for trade tests at any vocational training institution in Namibia.

“It is not in my power to deny the students certificates that they have worked hard for. It has to do with the NTA which has to issue the certificates and sign them off and send to us in order to award the certificates to the trainees. I do not have the power to withhold the certificates. The cowards that run to newspapers do not even come to me because I explain to every person that comes for a certificate why the certificate is not available. The ones that go to the newspapers are cowards. They must man up and come see me,” said the principal who refused to be named.

He added that one of the institution’s regulations is not to give certificates to trainees that owe payments for training and to persons that have been sent to collect certificates on behalf of trainees for security reasons in order to avoid forgery and other illegal activities.

One of the students, Rion Doeseb that claimed that he completed training in 2016 has told The Villager that he is still waiting for his certificate.

“I do not agree with what the acting principal has told you and I have been in and out of the campus the whole of last year because of my certificate. I do not owe NIMT at all and I want my certificate because I need to find work. It is now the second year that I have been waiting for my certificate. All that they tell me is that the certificate has not yet been issued. Why do they refuse to call the NTA while I am at the campus?” he fumed. 

He added that he was told last year in July that he will be awarded the certificate before year’s end but has not yet been called to collect his papers. 

Another trainee that spoke on condition of anonymity said that the NIMT management of Northern-Campus might have other reasons which they do not want to share.

“Something very fishy is going on, I have been waiting for my certificate for the whole of last year. I just don’t understand why they are keeping our certificates. I could have been employed a long time ago but because of the certificate I am still unemployed. I don’t have any other qualification, the only qualification I have is in boiler making which I can not prove because I don’t have a certificate,” she said. 

She added that most of the times she has gone to the campus to enquire about her certificate the staff just reminded her that they will call her once they have it at their disposal.