Toasting to 2018 and to fashion with Reinhard Mahalie

Namibia’s top flying stylist-cum-socialite, Reinhard Mahalie is excited that 2018 will be another lit year for business and show-biz and the upcoming NAMAs can only but mean business unusual.

From tours throughout Namibia to being nominated for the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards under the stylist of the year 2017 category, Mahalie will be among the few genius brains behind certain fashion styles at this coming music awards.

Out of his hectic schedule, the famed owner of the RM brand sits with Vibe to share a glimpse of his expectations for this year.

“I am excited about 2018, and you know it’s also really such an exciting time for fashion in Namibia. I do believe that we are growing and gradually Namibia is putting its name out there on the map you know especially competing with all those capitals of fashion,” he begins with a tincture of elation. 

If you think business will be in for a fix this year, with Mahalie’s hustling and paper-chasing urge, better think again.

“I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and the plans that I have for my brand and that will also somehow help grow the industry,” he says.

And he can’t wait to flaunt his magic wand over the NAMAs to add a dash of class to the glitz and glam that comes with the red carpet and its many lit-up photo-moments.

“For the NAMAs, oh yea! I can not wait for the NAMAs. I am excited about what new trends we will see , they are on the 28th of April. You have Feb and March to do the planning. I wanna see the new trends and what people are wearing and just for people to look good,” he says excitedly. 

Time to put your wardrobe for the famed prestigious awards is just about now, and the fashionista has all the tricks up his sleeve. 

“I might approach an artist soon but I do not have any one in mind yet but I just hope people don’t approach me at the last minute. We have enough time now. If you want my services for the NAMAs then let’s talk, let's do some magic,” he says. 

But having to work hand-in-glove with swag-crazed celebs for such a noble event is no easy walk even for emerging locally known brands as RM.

Says Mahalie, “It depends how many clients approach me you know. But the maximum is up to five people but I am not limiting  myself to a number. It depends with who wants to work with you for the NAMAs.”

In retrospect, 2017 was a legit crazy year for business yet for the soft-speaking styling soul, it has been a roller coaster ride all year round.

“I will not say it was the worst year for me, it was really a great year for me in terms of business. Like I sell to many people. I think last year my brand just grew. I was able to grow and learn from mistakes and I really had a lot of clients,” he says. 

Why not, having landed the golden opportunity to style South African model Maps Maponyane and wiggling through SA’s upmarket names, Mahalie can but count his blessings.

Yet it doesn’t make doing business the less hard, Mahalie cautions.

“Like now yes i have sold to a big South African brand so what’s next for the brand, how should I innovate? Especially for stylers in Namibia, it’s all about innovation, innovation, innovation…” says Mahalie.

But how easy is it to break into the Mzansi market?

“I really do think once you have a representation in South Africa then start to network. Later it can be definitely your world and you start styling a lot of other clients. But I really do think it should just be your will-power, you know, and there are a lot of sacrifices that might go into it. If you want to penetrate into the market, start to be visible in the market. South Africa has so many events. Just go and network,” he explicates.