A quiet festive season for artists


Just as the holiday is over the aura of festive romance is ending, children have returned to school, taxi drivers are flooding the city roads again, and even musicians are starting to make their way back to the studio to work on their year-end releases.

However, Vibe this week took to the streets to find out where the shakers of the industry found comfort this holiday.

Artists who spoke to Vibe said that the holiday did not come with bonuses for them, as they too feel the grip on the economy and while other artists were spotted at holiday destinations in Namibia, some could only afford a good book on the couch.

Tate Buti

“I was just at the village where I was visiting my relatives. I did not really perform much because the album was performing itself,” he said in laughter.

Female Donkey

“I was just home with my dad since it is actually my first year to spent Christmas without my mom, she passed on a year ago.”

“On the performance side, it was quiet I did not get any call,” she said.


“I was just here in Grootfontein, where I worked throughout the holiday. I was fully booked but could not get leave from my boss to attend to all those shows,” he said.

Lil D

“I was just with the family the whole festive season and doing music because I decided not follow what everyone is doing by travelling to either the coast or north,” he said.

“I am grown now don’t have time to be wasting money on unnecessary travelling,” Lil D explained.

Bella Harris

“I was just home in Katutura man, did not have any shows,” Bella who released a co-joint EP last year said.


“I was at home with family I had to take care of my uncle and aunts kids since they were away for a while. I also had some cousins that came from London so was basically just showing them around,” the hip hop star said.


“I was in the North had shows, it was hectic for me and the whole blvck boxx crew this festive season,” she said.

Tesh Lavo

“I was wildin in the north for a whole week, just having fun with friends. It was a Blvck Boxx turn up season,” he said.