Naidjala upbeat despite odds … As he gambles with undefeated Australian boxer

Nestor Sunshine boxing stable based pugilist, Immanuel "Prince" Naidjala is ready to twist the fates in his favour as he seeks to re-energise his boxing career by facing an undefeated champion, Jason Moloney right in his home-ground.

The boxer is a wounded lion who limps with two losses and the 24th of February will be a moment of decision for him as he faces the odds of either proving his worth or further sink in the mud of insignificance.

The Villager caught up with the fast-smooth-talking fighter who said he is grateful to grasp this early opportunity and prove his critics wrong.

That it’s a great opportunity for Naidjala to fight for the common wealth title is undisputable, and shows that his boxing house still has so much to expect from him.

“It means a lot, every boxer wants to be out there to fight for titles that are well recognised in the world and yea, it means so much,” he began, sounding rather confident.

The fact that Moloney boasts 15 fights and 12 KOs and has defended for his title at bantamweight a good five times means nothing to the Prince who described the credentials as not that intimidating.

But what are his chances of winning?

“The chances of winning are very high, I mean, each and every boxer was undefeated at one time. I am not really worried about him being on home-ground or him having a home advantage. At the end of the day, in the ring there will be only two people. There might be a million people who are supporting you but the only person who is feeling the punches is only one person. So I do not really mind the crowds and everything. I am just looking forward and have a great event,” he said.

Pressed on the future of his career in the event that he either wins or losses, Naidjala was subtle and philosophic: “What happens at the event will take care of itself. So for me I am just focussed on the event and that’s it.”

Moloney expressed his excitement to box the Namibian describing him as tough, but Naidjala, with due respect to what his opponent has earned, sees him as another usual run-down.

“Yes, I have studied him. I rate him as a normal… he is a champion yes, I rate him as a champion. Once we enter the ring there is no more talk of being a champion, because in there, we are all fighting to be the new champion. That’s basically it. I respect what he has done. He has earned what he has done,” said Naidjala.

Presently, he is in the gym undergoing everyday morning trainings, conditioning and sparring in the afternoon and munching through his balanced diet.

“Everything is under control, everything is well taken care of. I have four coaches around me and I have sparing partners. So I think we are fully taking care of everything. It’s only up to me to go and deliver,” he said.

Speaking of his well-documented losses, the boxer said it’s something he has no intention to think about, other than picking himself up and moving forward.

“Every loss is a learning point. I am not there to think about what has happened in the past. For me it’s about learning from all the mistakes that have happened and that’s basically it. I am not out there to cry baby tears,” he said.

He had something too, to say to the fans and the 2018 outlook.

“I know my fans are expecting for nothing much but a win, come the 24th it will take care of itself. 2018 has just started, obviously it is starting on a very great note and we just hope it will go well for me. I can’t say what it will be like but obviously everybody is hoping this year to be a great year,” he said.

He also added of his fans: “I am very happy for them being there for me. They have supported me throughout my whole career. They have pushed me. They have criticised and I am happy that they criticised and also you people (media). I am happy that you have done so because without criticism you can’t grow. And if you don’t take criticism and make use of it in a positive way then you are not going to really do anything.”