Champion coming this Valentines’ Day – D Jay

Local rapper Diogene Ochs popularly known as D Jay has plans to release his new album titled 'Champion' on Valentines' Day.

The rapper will also release a single track on Wednesday titled 'Promises', which he says is dedicated to his ex-girlfriend.

D jay who has been in the music industry since he was 18 years old told Vibe that he will also be dropping 11 music videos for the year 2018 to mark his comeback.

“I feel like this year is really the year for me,” he said.

Promises was written after a sour break up with his girlfriend, whom he loved with all his heart, he said.

“I wrote the song after breaking up with my ex-girlfriend I was dating for seven years, I slept at Elvo’s studio for two weeks just working on the song. I was going through a heart break by then and I wanted to express my pain through music,” he said.

He however refused to speak on the cause of the break up but that he is now over his pain.

D jay said, “I feel like apart from relationship issues, I had a couple of challenges that could not enable me to do music in the past and that is why, musically, nothing has come from my side recently.”

According to the talented rapper, his focus is on music now. D jay said he has also experimented with other genres for his new album.

The Champion album was produced by Araffath, Elvo and many upcoming producers and consists of 18 tracks.

“I am just coming out of a meeting now, were we discussed the release party and so far so good, this is definitely our year and I am excited,” he noted.

D jay is currently working as an independent musician and says he does not believe in being signed under a record label anymore.

“Being signed under a music record label does not work, I don’t believe in being signed anymore because at the end of the day one is limited to release what you want,” D jay said.

D jay said that he has matured enough to work on his own and to not allow his music to be controlled by a label.