Woes against Nestor Tobias mount …as allegations of contract forging and withholding funds surface

A load of allegations against prominent boxing promoter, Nestor Tobias, continue to mount as he remains tight lipped over Julius Indongo’s decision to dump him to join United States based boxing stable, Dibella Entertainment.

A highly placed source privy to the secrets within Tobias’ boxing house, who declined to be named, told The Villager that contrary to other media reports, relations between Indongo and his manager took a nasty twist before the American fight. 

Speaking to The villager, Indongo maintained that this however did not in any way affect his focus or contribute to his loss to Terence Crawford.

“When I looked at the fight later, I realised that I was not in my best form; It was just not my day,” said the boxer, exclusively speaking to this publication.  

The Villager understands that troubles at the boxing house worsened between the promoter and his boxer after Indongo discovered that Tobias was not honest about the worth of international contracts including the Scottish fight against Ricky Burns. 

The source further alleges that in the process of facilitating international fights such as that of Scotland, Nestor has been forging contract documents to get a bigger cut.  

The contract which was supposed to come from Matchroom Sports never reached Indongo, the source said, although Indongo refused to confirm any of the information due to the ongoing legal battle. 

The source said, Tobias received the original contract from Matchroom Sports but then concealed it from the boxer, then forged a contract with a different amount. 

The Scotland fight contract was worth N$2.4 million for Indongo but the boxer was only presented a contract worth N$1.2 million by Tobias, the source divulged.   

Although Nestor would mandatorily deduct 15% as a manager with the trainers pocketing 10 %, the source alleges that he would still claim that he was a trainer and get another chunk from the 10 % cut.  

This is despite claims that Tobias never trained Indongo.  

Meanwhile, Indongo’s payments for the Scotland fight in which he won against Ricky Burns remain a mystery and the boxer himself shied away from talking about it when approached by this publication. 

It is also not clear if Indongo has seen the original copies of the contracts that he signed for his international fights.

The boxer himself refused to open up on any of this in a closed door interview a few days ago saying all was in the hands of the lawyers. 

While the source alleges that Nestor did approach the police boss, Sebastian Ndeitunga, in a bid to stop him from granting Indongo leave for the States, Ndeitunga has denied this. 

“Tobias did not ask me to stop him. I am the one who called Tobias to ask him about this contract with the US academy, if he was aware. He said he was not aware and he informed me that Julius and his academy still have an agreement which is still in force. And I advised that he has to call Julius so that they can discuss the way forward.” 

“Tobias was saying he has got no problem if Julius could have come to him and then they discuss his exit to go to the other academy, (so that) in future if (he) is no longer with that academy he can still come back to him. That is what I remember during our discussion,” said Ndeitunga in an exclusive interview.  

He also maintains that in actual fact, Indongo’s leave for the United States has not yet been signed while the boxer never made any follow up on it with Ndeitunga.  

“I didn’t sign any leave, I remember him bringing some documents from that (Dibella Entertainment) academy and I gave him homework to go and write his own request and he never came back.” 

“Then I heard in the newspaper, them threatening to take each other to court, I have no evidence on that one,” said Ndeitunga.

Pressed by The Villager if there was a chance of him to rejoin the Nestor Sunshine Academy in the event that the contract with Dibella Entertainment expired, Indongo said this was not likely.  

When approached by The Villager to shed light on his position with regards to Indongo’s move and the allegations levelled against him, Tobias refused to comment citing that the case is with the lawyers.

 He however furnished The Villager with letters from his and Indongo’s lawyers within which both are venting against each other over who owns the boxer. 

Penned by Sisa Namandje & Co. Inc, a letter to Indongo’s lawyers stamps that Indongo “has no right whatsoever to engage any other promoter or to seek to unlawfully resile from the agreements without the consent of our client.”  

Katjaerua Legal Practitioners have watered down claims by Tobias and his lawyer that Indongo still has a valid and legal exclusive promotional contract with MTC Nestor Sunshine Boxing and fitness academy.

Tobias has also been instructed to “refrain from addressing any letters, emails or other correspondence on behalf of our client to any interested party in the boxing world.”