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Lioness emerges with Dreams music video

by Rosalia David

It is not every day that women in Hip Hop make headlines, if anything, female rappers in Namibia seem to have gone on a long vacation, but Latoya Mwoombola aka Lioness is back with a bang.

The lyricist this week released her first music video of the year placing herself on ‘the artists most likely to blow up in 2018’ list by the looks of things.

Lioness’ new music video for her single titled Dreams was shot in the neighbourhood and brings out the typical ‘I made it from the hood’ theme and she nailed the concept.

When she steps out of the house in thigh high red boots and a deep V-neck long black blazer held together by a double buckle belt, its only to prove that she is not another ‘nye nye’ rapper, as she gives you goose bumps for the rest of the video.

You know someone is about to bring you something saucy when they take you back to the ‘kasi’ and Lioness does just that.

In this direction, Lioness will be a game changer and will definitely have the boys in rap on their toes.

She did not use the misrepresentation of booze, money, cars and an entourage in the background to show that she is here for the rap.

She does it solo.

As a matter of fact, right before she gets into it, she rests her arms on the gate looking like that typical aunty who goes to London for 10 years and comes back looking all different and brand new.

In the ‘Kasi’ she looks like she belongs but still manages to look like a muse that springs from some setting graced by the majesty of a sonorous waterfall.

The whole affair is just too hot.

Lioness gets in with that vernacular straight away, and you will love it.

She transitions flawlessly between the singing and the rapping, yeah just like that thing Drake does that makes people like him even more.

She says she has been on her hustles and grind all day and it looks just like that.

The music video keeps it strictly hood with scenes featuring the UN Plaza park and black back drops.

You can take it from us that she is talented, young, beautiful and about to shake a whole lot of mango trees.

You would have to watch the video yourself at to get the experience.