Man rapes woman with her baby

The Namibian Police is on the search for an unidentified man who raped a woman in Klein-Aub last week Friday while her baby watched.

According to the police report, the 30 year old woman was dragged into a river bed at Rietoog while she was with her 4 month old baby. Her attacker continued to push her to the ground, and then raped her.

The baby did not sustain any physical injuries the police said.

The suspect is still at large and police investigations continue.

In another case, the Opuwo Magistrate Court today saw the first appearance of a 59 year old man who was charged with raping his 6 year old daughter.

The Namibian Police was alerted of the rape which is said to have taken place between 31 December 2017 and 4 January 2018, in Opuwo’s Katutura location.

On 5 January, the 6 year old girl started complaining of back and lower abdomen pain. She was then taken to the Opuwo State Hospital where after the nurses who attended to her notified the police that she was raped.

After further consultations it was detected that the suspect is the biological father of the young girl. The girl’s father was arrested afterwards.

Police investigations continue.