Artists expected to blow up this year


Although the festive season just ended and the aura of hangovers is still lingering, local artists have already started queuing up at music studios getting ready to release hit tracks for another extensive year.

Even though we have seen a majority of upcoming musicians rushing to release their albums last year chasing the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) deadline, established artists have said, amongst artists who have dropped singles last year few are expected to blow up in 2018.



It was a great year and most artists have worked really hard but I have not heard anything that I can say was a December song yet except Omunye.

The musicians that I personally think are going to blow up are Jeiyo and Top Cheri while my expectations this year are to make sure that I deliver the best album since I am currently working on my album.

Through my whole career there has always been that festive season song but this December there was nothing to groove on.

The Dogg

KP Illest is definitely going to blow up this year, he is talented and has a lot of good music so far.


I wouldn’t really know who is going to blow up this year because I don’t know who blew up last year, I can probably speak for my artist yes, so Oteya is going to blow up we have strategies in place that will allow us to haves shows in countries such as Europe this year.


I really don’t know because an artist who is supposed to blow up should know everything, from writing their own songs, to singing.

Sally Boss Madam

I think KP Illest, he is talented and I like his Vibe, I think he is going to blow up this year.


KP Illest has a fresh and unique sound, I think he is going to blow up this year and the Ethnix I think they are also doing good so far.

Lize Ehlers

There are quite a lot of artists that I think are going to blow up this year, there is a guy called Loft, he is a producer and a rapper I think he is very talented and his music has up to 15 000 downloads already on sound cloud.

I think Vaughn Ahrens will be big in 2018. He released his debut album in 2017 and is a stellar singer, songwriter and instrumentalist in the pop rock alternative genre.