Cimbebasia cable theft disrupts internet, voice services

Telecom Namibia yesterday said that between 500 to 800 businesses and residential customers were affected by the copper cable theft in Cimbebasia last week.

The hit at the Telecom underground network in the southern part of Windhoek disrupted voice and data services in Cimbebasia, which is bordered by Prosperita to the north and Kleine Kuppe to the east.

A 1000 pair copper cable was stolen on the corner of Mataman and Arimas streets, when thieves broke the locks of two manholes and gained access to cut the cable.

“Copper cable theft is not new in Namibia, but lately it has reached an unprecedented scale, especially in Windhoek. Telecom Namibia is greatly concerned of the pattern of copper cable theft in the City and is committed to working with police to curb any recurrences,” Head of Corporate Communications & Public Relations, Oiva Angula said in press statement.


Telecom Namibia has commenced the restoration process and services will progressively be fixed during the course of this week.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this outage and we assure customers that we are doing all that we can to curb any further copper cable theft in the area,” Angula said.

Telecom said, residents can report any suspicious to their 24 hour crime/fraud hotline number 0800 20 35 79, or the nearest Police Station.

The company also offers reward for information that leads to the criminals behind the theft.