Indongo dumps Nestor Sunshine Academy Tobias seeks to keep him under leash

Former unified junior welterweight world champion, Julius "Blue Machine" Indongo has finally broken off from the Nestor Sunshine boxing Academy to join a United States based boxing stable, Dibella Entertainment.

The promotional agreement is said to be exclusive and long term, spanning a period of two years and Indongo will be training in Omaha, Nebraska.

''I am very happy for the opportunity that has been brought to my life right now, fighting for Dibella Entertainment. I will make sure that I will work hard in order to open doors for my fellow Namibians," said the exhilarated Indongo.

Yet this "unexpected dream" has infuriated the boxer's long time promoter, Nestor Tobias who is said to have roped in a powerful lawyer in a desperate bid to stop Indongo's exit from his boxing stable due to long term contractual agreements.

 In an exclusive, closed door interview with The Villager, Indongo said he owed no one nothing saying nothing can stop his rise to the pinnacles of fame.

Asked by The Villager about chances of Tobias winning in this bid to snuff off the American dream from him, the adamant Indongo said Tobias' actions will not yield results while he has already lost a court case to a local boxer.

Meanwhile, Indongo's new manager, Michael Carter said the boxer is now set on a path to regain his lost glory and obtain more titles he was pursuing.

"With the backing of a solid promotional company such as Dibella Entertainment, we know that Julius Indongo will once again become a dominant force in the junior welterweight division and become an even greater source of pride to his Namibian fans and supporters," he said.

Critics have already started wagging tongues over Tobias' burning house while fears are abound that the Americans have taken advantage of the situation to snatch Namibia's boxing wonder boy in open daylight.

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