Haufiku, Mwoombola "messy divorce"

The fallout between health minister Bernard Haufiku and the former ministry's permanent secretary Andreas Mwoombola is like a messy 'divorce'. 

So here are two adults washing the ministry's dirty linen in the public even after Mwoombola tells us that deputy minister Juliet Kavetuna tried to broker peace? 

That did not work, and Mwoombola claims that Haufiku did not want to listen to his deputy (if this is true because this fallout is now a he-said-this and he-said-that kind of thing.

But what is known is that the two gentlemen did not have a gentlemen's fallout. It was like a nasty 'divorce' where we are told everything else but the real reason for the 'divorce'. 

Mwoombola said Haufiku head-hunted him for the permanent secretary's position. He agreed to leave whatever he was doing wherever he was and even took a pay cut just to be at the ministry. 

If this were a marriage, one would say Mwoombola sacrificed everything to be at the health ministry. Taking a pay cut is a huge sacrifice to make especially now when the economy is this tight.

Well, according to Mwoombola, he did just that. The question arises now - was it for the love of the health system or was it because of what Haufiku has accused him of - raiding the cookie jar. 

Since Mwoombola has denied Haufiku's accusations and in turn accused the minister of tampering with the tender process, the real reason why these adults sought to hang the health ministry's soiled sheets in public is not so public 

Former health minister Richard Kamwi fought his permanent secretaries before but never was the acrimony this bitter considering that Haufiku demanded from President Hage Geingob to be allowed to bring Mwoombola on board.

This scenario can be looked at like this: a son goes to his father and says he wants a partner. The father is happy for the son and gives his permission.

A few years down the line, the son comes back not only to the father but the whole village to say that he does not trust his partner anymore and that they cannot co-exist.

 Amid tears and pleas for help, the son begs the father and the whole village to understand and help him get rid of his choice.

The father - as fair as he has always been from allowing the son to make a choice - advises the son that well if that is the case, then one of the two must leave.

So the mother takes the other party home while waiting for the air to clear up. Well, only that the air at the health ministry will not clear up because Haufiku is a dour character.  

Most doctors are cheerful people but not this doctor. Always serious and businesslike. Maybe, he has not heard about all work, and no play makes Jack such a dull boy. 

Haufiku's dourness does not in any way suggest that he is the troublemaker at his ministry. But he can do much by just smiling. After all a smile does not cost or demand a tender. It's just a smile vakwetu.

Even Mwoombola groundbreaking dance to the song Feliz Navidad shown in a leaked video does not make him a saint in all this.

At least, the nation got a glimpse into Mwoombola's life - a happy leg-thrusting middle-aged man who can enjoy himself without any hindrance. 

It should be noted that the two gentlemen never entertained media queries before the fallout. Only after realising that their fallout could not be contained within the walls of the health ministry did they both came out to talk.

Indeed they talked but listening to both of them; one gets the feeling that the fallout has nothing to do with work because of the personal nature of the attacks. 

The other thing boggling the mind is just how can two adults who agree to work together fallout so hard? The reasons given and the justification do not add up. 

The truth of the matter is that both Mwoombola and Haufiku need to come out clean over this “messy divorce”.

Meanwhile, Feliz Navidad, próspero año y felicida to you all (Merry Christmas, a prosperous year and happiness).