Swapo Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa to the youth

  My comrades youth.
A very good morning, we all are fine and well . Thank you for appreciating our Leader Dr Geingob . Boldly to say Geingob is a man of the people, a leader who cares. All we need is to support him, support his vision and that of Swapo Party. I must also say aging is a reality and youthfulness is not forever and therefore the need for grooming you in the cultures , norms and traditions of Swapo Party. It was perhaps a thing 'that was put out there' to expose our Swapo Party to look as if it doesn't care with the young people ' my comrades these are some tactical political weapons having been created and made it to be seen as if elders don't care about young people.   This is not true, it is a cheap tactical aim of divide the young and old in the Party. When I got entrusted to lead the first ever repatriates from Lubango, Angola on the 12 June 1989 to Ondangwa north of our country as freedom fighters I was 30 years old . When I became a councillor of Windhoek west I  2003 I was 44 years and when I became a Governor of Khomas region in 2004 I was 45 years. When I was appointed Governor to Omusati I was 51 years old . In 2015 I became a minister of urban at 56, yesterday you people elected me as Secretary General of our Party Swapo at 58 years old. I simply want to expose this journey to say  discipline, hard work, focus  and dedication  is the way and always do what is right . Foes may try to talk and fabricate but never lose focus , never allow enemies to determine your destination,  never! Foes shall never deliver you . I am a testimony of Swapo in grooming youth . From 30 years I was trusted and never allowed myself to be misled or be derailed. I knew my services are to the majority poor and not to my foes.   Therefore my young people get ready, follow the good examples of your leaders, treasure the ideals and traditions of our Party Swapo. Look forward and get yourself prepared . Be alert that Swapo needs leaders that are honest, prepared to lead and take care of the masses to protect the territory of the motherland.
 To sacrifice their precious time and luxuries. Swapo is here to stay, while individuals shall come and go. Namibia as a country is here to stay and leaders shall be needed to safe guard her. In conclusion aging is a reality and youthfulness is not permanent and grooming is the way for the future of our country and people. Viva Dr Geingob President of Swapo.
Viva Founding President.
Viva Dr Pohamba former President.