Drop the desperation shorty, you aint MTC

Just when everyone was starting to believe big things are ahead for our music, good old Sula and his Ogopa Butterfly think they can stand up and speak for MTC.
Sula this week shocked the media for the so-called bad publicity on the NAMAs, I must salute you man for desplaying your ignorance or ‘ignorancy’ as you prefer, but just keep in mind there won’t be a day you can tell the men and women of the pen what to strike.
The artists pulled out because they have a reason so don’t partronise them with your unity pep talk. Rather get your house in order perhaps buddy Zox can guide you on diplomacy.
Claiming you are scared NAMAs will lose their sponsorship because of bad publicity is only but exposing where your bread is buttered. It’s clear you need the MTC billions better for your Red Carpet.
Let the other artists decide what they want or don’t want since you made no effort to find out where they’re at.
You ought to stand with your fellows than against them this time short man.