2017 has been fabulous for many artists

The year 2017 has been successful for many artists who put out singles, albums, music videos, while it has also been gloomy for artists who could not pull the crowds for album launches.

Musicians and entertainment personalities have many hurdles to overcome in order to create better music album each year, this ranging from unpaid gigs to late album deliveries.

Artists who spoke to Vibe on their best and worst moments in music described the Omarion show as the biggest music flop this year, after it failed to pull the projected numbers.

Sally Boss Madam (artist)

This year for me was highly blessed and it was quite ground breaking for my career and my family.

The most disappointing thing this year was the Omarion show, I was not invited to perform but it’s all good but I am sure it was a dull moment for everyone.

The fact that there were no people at the Omarion show has painted a bad picture for the country.

S-Man (artist)

I wouldn’t really say that 2017 was a bad year for me because I had a lot of shows and we have released a good collaboration album with Bones which is currently one of the best Afrikaans album so far. I cannot complain much because I have been focused on music this year and so far so good.


Dj Xavi (DJ and artist)

This year has brought me the best news ever, I am about to become a father in a few weeks’ time.

One of my worst moments was when I had a gig In Karibib and the event organisers ran away without paying me so, I had to pay for the guesthouse and transport myself.

Chante (radio personality)

I enjoyed the rest of the year but the best moment was when I took part in the debate tournament this year.

The worst moment was when I had to wait for 5 hours for a show to start even though I will not mention the show’s name.

Araffath (producer)

Finishing my album and finishing my clients’ albums were some of my best moments but working with artists who have no clue about music or what they want but have money to pay is the worst experience.

Lil-D (Artist)

I had a good year listening to my music. Only later in the year I had to go through a hard time because I lost my cousin in a car accident. Besides that I cannot complain much about 2017. Let us see what 2018 has in store for us musically.

Bella Harris (artist)

I had an awesome 2017 man!! I have filled up a venue so why not celebrate because it is not easy to get people to fully attend your shows in Namibia.