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Bonganisoul overcomes sexual abuse through music

by Rosalia David

Gospel artist William Bongani Garoeb aka Bonganisoul has used his love for music to overcome a traumatising event in his childhood, after he was molested at age 6.

The gospel artist released a song titled !Nosa !Oes in which he speaks about his experience when a person he trusted traumatised him. His music now encourages many victims to speak out against all forms of abuse.

“I was sexually abused at a very young age by someone I trusted and only spoke about it at the age of 25 and the first person I told was my mother and her first response was, why I am only speaking out now,” he says.

Bonganisoul who started doing music in 2008 says he only managed to gain the courage to speak about his experience six years ago after seeing the need to encourage his fellow peers who could be dealing with the same issue.

Vibe asked about his experience and how it affected him while growing up, he said music has been his source of comfort.

 “The flashbacks of the event hits me at times but I make sure not to drag myself down and just sing. I have learned to turn negativity into positivity through singing,” he said.

Even though he managed to penetrate into the music scene by starting off with gospel music Bonganisoul says that him moving away from the genre is part of growing and exploring.

 Bonganisoul is popular for his live performances at the Warehouse’s Song Night and has three album under his belt.

He also said, “As a musician there is no such thing as specialising, we have to try everything and explore every corner of the industry. With gospel one is limited and expected to act in a certain way or do things in a specific way.”

In 2008 he released an album titled Mother’s Prayer, then dropped another album in 2011 titled Uyesu Uyakorobha while his latest album was dropped in 2014.

While he has no plans to deliver his 4th offering yet he says he will be working on new singles now that he is exploring different type of music.

He said releasing an album takes up a lot of energy and time while he notes that he might consider an EP instead.

“I will still see if I would want to release another album, but for now all I want to do is explore. Maybe an EP late next year,” he said.

He further encourages all children to speak out on abuse while he emphasises that, mothers make time to listen and give attention to the children that live with other people when they are not around.