Abandoned Goreangab sisters now under First Lady’s care at a shelter …After mother left them for new boyfriend

The Office of the First Lady has intervened in the case of the abandoned minor sisters of Goreangab, Katutura and has placed them in a shelter.

Selma Moses (6) and Katrina Moses (4) whose names have been changed to protect their identity have been placed under the care of the Friendly Haven Shelter in Hochland Park (Windhoek), Technical Advisor and social worker at The Office of the First Lady Veronica Theron confirmed to The Villager today.

The shelter accommodates survivors of gender based violence.

The girls who were abandoned by their mother earlier this year, were living alone in a shack in Goreangab.

The only person who would check in on them was a Windhoek taxi driver, Christian Nangolo. He would take the girls meals, which they were not always able to secure from their neighbours.  

When the girls were finally taken in by an aunt who also had a shack in Goreangab, she too was unable to provide for them.

Nangolo had also informed The Villager that the girls were not happy about their living conditions with their aunt as she would take what little donations they received for her own children.

“We have placed them there because it’s one of the best shelters and taking them to a children’s centre requires time. We have spoken to their aunt’s husband and we have explained to him where the kids are going. We gave him our details as well”, Theron said.

The children will be accommodated at the shelter till 15 January, after which the social worker will start working with them.

According to Theron the mother of the girls has 9 other children.

The Office of the First Lady will also supply Nangolo’s kindergarten with food items.

“It seems like their mother has a new boyfriend and that is the cause of her disappearance. We found the kids very dirty and the main issue here is poverty, but the girls are more than happy. They are well settled in and are currently swimming”, she told The Villager.