MSME conference to boost economic growth - Ngatjizeko

Industrialisation minister, Immanuel Ngatjizeko opened the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) conference yesterday and he said it will boost economic growth and development in Namibia.   

 The conference is expected to give MSMEs a chance to compete for different prizes in order to boost their businesses such as marketing packages; advertisement packages, business skills, training mentorship programmes and brand assets. 

“The event will give participants a chance to exhibit their businesses and network with stakeholders from the government, and will tackle the challenges facing us as a collective front and in the context of Vision 2030 and our Harambee plan economic priorities, as well as our growth at home industrial implementation strategy. It is indeed true that economic inclusivity is the equaliser,” Ngatjizeko said. 

He said the state has prioritised investment promotion in sectors which have demonstrated high growth potential as well as those which can help create jobs and improve the welfare of Namibians while safeguarding macroeconomic sustainability and accelerate economic growth.

Ngatjizeko stated that the growth at home strategy provides a road map for the execution of Namibia’s Industrial Policy. 

“The Ministry has various programmes in place aimed at assisting entrepreneurs with advisory services such as business plan formulation; conducting of feasibility studies; providing of mentorship services and business managerial and technical training; provision of equipment; SME Rental Space Support, facilitation of securing markets and improving the quality of product services just to mention a few. We are ready to help you within our mandate,” he said. 

He pointed that the ministry has an ongoing programme to construct multi-purpose SME Modules, industrial parks, and specially built-export oriented industrial infrastructure.

These facilities will be made available to business operators at affordable rental charges.

Under the Export Marketing Assistance Programme (EMAP), SMEs are invited to participate in trade missions abroad to expose them to potential business linkages.

 However, it is up to the individual entrepreneurs to tap into these programmes to see how best they can utilize the programmes and facilities to their own benefit.

“As we plan to empower our various SMEs around the country, our aim is to strengthen the existing ties between the Ministry and the various SMEs in an effort to encourage an open dialogue between government institutions and the private sectors in order to support the Ministry’s “Growth at Home” strategy and your 4 strategy to successfully graduate from being an SME to being business champions,” Ngatjizeko stated. 

The conference has been attended by more than 20 MSME participants that showcased their businesses.