NBL donates items worth over N$190 000 to NamPol


Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) donated items worth N$197 000 to be used by the Namibian Police at road blocks during the festive season.

The items include 250 cases of Agua splash water; 250 cases of VIGO drink valued at N$ 67 000 and breathalyzers worth N$130 000.

NBL also donated N$10 000 in cash towards the West Coast Safety initiative. 

The donations will assist in NamPol’s duties, Managing Director of NBL Wessie van der Westhuizen said at the handing over ceremony. 

“So much is being done by key stakeholders to promote responsible road usage in the pursuit of accident free roads in the country, but the more we seem to do in order to curb this current killer of our people the more accidents seem to take place and the more people die on our roads. It comes down to our behavior, our mindset, our attitude, irresponsible driving through negligence of road traffic signs and rules and inconsideration of the next person is the order of the day and kills our people,” he said. 

He added that the state and supporting entities can spend as much as they can in promoting road safety but if road users do not change their behavior, then the efforts to keep the roads safe will not be successful. 

“NBL is proud to be associated with any initiative that speaks to the O & L Group purpose of creating a future and enhancing life for all Namibians. We appreciate you all for the sacrifices you make to pull your weight in ensuring safer roads,” van der Westhuizen said. 

Receiving the donation on behalf of the Police, Chief Sebastian Ndeitunga and Deputy Commissioner Amalia Gawanas said the donation has come on the right time.

“There could not have been a right time to receive such a generous donation. I am sure that we will now be able to do more than what Namibian citizens were expecting from us during this festive season especially because the nation has witnessed horrific car accidents over the last weekend,” Gawanas said.