You can make money from doing make-up - Sylvi

Sylvi Kapundja did not want to choose between her passion for make-up and dreams of being a doctor, so she took both.

The cosmetic expert who started doing make up in 2014, has so far worked with local stars such as Dillish, Maria Nepembe, Tjuna Kauapirura and Gazza making sure that their pumped-up faces tops off their glamourous looks.

“I officially started doing make-up in 2014, my mom could not leave the house without a lipstick, so it all started from curiosity to a hobby, now it’s a business,” Sylvi explains.

She says make-up is her only source of income, while she finishes her studies to become a doctor.

“You can actually make a reasonable amount of money from make-up, it is the only thing that assists me while I’m a student because I don’t get any monthly allowance.”

When she is not doing make-up for local celebrities, she is working at gigs such as the Pro Model Africa fashion show.

She hopes to be part of Namibia’s biggest annual music awards ceremony.

“I don’t know what the procedures are being part of the NAMAS because I wanted to apply last year and just before I could, I was told the make-up department has already been given to someone else. I think there is no transparency there maybe next time they should be clearer,” she notes.

She further tells Vibe that her aim is to also build a school for students who aspire to become make-up artists in the future.