Braunfels takes Bush Northern Volleyball league title

Braunfels Agricultural Combined Schools’ boys volley ball team scooped the Bush Northern Volleyball League’s top prize for the first time this year. 

The team has dominated this year’s finals when they played English Medium High School over the weekend. 

“It has been a tough competition but we managed to win the league over the weekend. We are looking forward to playing in the games that are set for the winning teams to take part in. I have trust in my teams although the girls’ team did not make it even to quarter finals, the boys have made us all winners,” the team’s coach Herman Narib said.

He added that the boys are looking forward to taking part in the regional champions’ league and training will start as soon as schools have reopened. 

The school plans to organise a few games for the boys before they can take part in the regional championship games.

The Winners of this year’s tournament have walked away with N$5 000 in cash as well as an annual flowing trophy and gold medals. 

The runner up team, the English Medium high school’s boys walked away with N$2 000 and both semi-finalists with N$1 000 each.

“This is a milestone as we do not get to win more often. This will only make our learners to take part in school sport as the saying goes, a kid in sport is a kid out of court.  We have plans to make sure that both boys and girls take up sports seriously,” Narib said. 

He added that most of the time, players have been performing without proper uniforms but the coach who is also a  local businessman,  has assisted the school with volley ball outfits which boosted the players’ morale. 

The main sponsor of the league is the AfroProtline company based in Uis and only five teams took part in the annual  league.  

According to Narib,  the teams are faced with a challenge of transport to take part in the league during away games as they have to travel three times in a trimester. 

“As far as the league consent the biggest challenge is the means to travel for games. This does not only affect our teams but all teams from the other schools, we are hoping that the government will help us with transport next year,” he said.