I am back and people should expect good music - Promise

Songstress Naomi Muyunda better known as Promise who had gone mute after releasing her last single ‘Dogo Dogo’ in September 2016 has returned with a new single titled ‘Lobola’.

Promise said she took a break from music to complete her studies, and is back to focus on her delivery.

She is looking forward to bringing her best in 2018, she said.

“I wouldn’t say I had taken a break, I have always been writing and recording songs but have not released in a while. With the Lobola song I think I am on the right track because people have given me positive responses on the song,” she says.

When asked about the meaning of her newly released song, Promise explains that it gives a strong message to women who are stuck in long term relationships without prospects of marriage.

The song, she says, also speaks directly to men who cohabit with their girlfriends for as long as a decade without putting a ring on it.

She further tells Vibe that where she comes from, women are not allowed to live with their partners if they are not married although many do not follow these practices.

“It has been two days after releasing the song and people are already enjoying it back home, because I am sure many can relate,” Promise giggles.

Besides her latest single, she also reveals that her second one for the year will be out by next week including a music video.

She says, “The next single will be titled Tuesday and I actually wanted to drop this track first before Lobola because I thought releasing it first was the right way to remind my fans that I am still around.”

Although she has not released any material this year, Promise says she has been working on her album that is set for release next year.

“My next album will definitely come out by early next year but not just in January because I want to give space for people to enjoy the new music,” she notes.

She has said that half her album has been done and ready to be selected for the long anticipated album.