Six year-old takes care of 4 year-old sister …mother nowhere to be seen for a year

Selma Moses (6) and Katrina Moses (4) whose real names have been changed to protect their identity, are two minors who have been living on their own in Katutura’s Goreangab for close to a year after their mother disappeared earlier this year.

Selma and her sister told The Villager that they have not had a cooked meal in a day, and went to the nearby Humbler Centre which is run by taxi driver Christian Nangolo to eat bread and juice.

The girls who are often spotted in Goreangab with nothing on but pants, without shoes or shirts survived their first few months without their care-giver by getting food from neighbours.

They were living on their own until an aunt whom they are not very fond of took them in.

Nangolo has approached the ministry of gender on numerous occasions to try and adopt the girls but he has still not succeeded.

He has told The Villager that the ministry responded, that they will get back to him on the procedures to follow, provided that the mother doesn’t return.

Even though the girls have currently been taken in by an aunt, their situation has not been any better because they are not always allowed to attend kindergarten and have very little property.

When The Villager first met Selma, she was standing on the side of the road in nothing but underwear and a torn jersey wrapped around her waist.

The girls are shy and would hardly look you in the eyes when they speak.

In fact Katrina fell asleep during the interview.

Selma told The Villager that she believes that her mother took off to a farm although she cannot say where, while Katrina says that she has no clue where her mother is.

The girls often have to pick up meals at Humbler Centre in Goreangab, Katutura, because their aunt does not always provide meals as she is struggling herself and has two other children of her own.

Selma and Katrina have not been to their mother’s shack which has been locked with a padlock.

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