Get your car ready for your December road trip

The long awaited holiday season is finally here and if you're planning to drive to your holiday destination, it's essential that you make sure your car is up to the challenge, so that your journey will be safe and stress-free. 

“As we take to the road this festive season it’s important to note that it’s also the most dangerous period of the year, with more people involved in fatal crashes than at any other time”, says Elmarie Cilliers, Wesbank Executive Officer.

 “This time of the year is important for families to reconnect, friends to come together, and for people to recharge after a long year. To ensure the best possible experience on the road, we want to encourage all motorists to get their vehicles checked out in good time, and to make sure they are prepared for their journeys," she added.


1.  Buckle up. This includes all passengers, including toddlers younger than three years, who must be in a car seat and children 1.3m or shorter need to be in booster seats.

2.  Obey all the rules of the road, and drive according to the conditions of the road. If the road is marked 120km but visibility is poor, decrease your speed to ensure clear vision of the road ahead.

3.  Be courteous of other drivers. Remember everyone has a right to be on the road.
Ensure your car is in good condition and roadworthy and ready to take you to your destination, and bring you home again.

4.  Put your cellphone and other electronic devices away while driving. Focus on the road and on other drivers. Distracted driving diminishes reaction time.

5.  Make sure your tyres are correctly inflated and monitor the pressure as you go along as low pressure due to a slow puncture could cause a blowout. Your spare wheel should be in tip-top condition and correctly inflated.

6.  Check that your warning triangle is in place and that you have a torch and a basic medical kit.

“Of course, nothing beats the peace of mind that comes with getting a trained professional to safety-check your car. It’s important to understand that going on a long journey is not a race. Arriving safely is more important than arriving in a ‘record time. Preparing for a road trip by having a good car, and peace of mind, is just as important as the holiday itself”, Cilliers said.