Tate Buti Opena album launch a big success

Tate Buti pulled in a crowd of about 3 000 at his latest Opena album launch held at Ramatex over the weekend.

Although the Opena CD launch was only marketed for a week by Birdies Promotions, it still managed to pull in a massive crowd to watch him unveil his latest art alongside a line-up that included PDK, Gazza, The Dogg, Dj Style, Top Cheri and more.

He scored big with his launch, after other artists who launched during the year failed to attract such numbers.

Perhaps he worked smarter by putting crowd pullers such as The Dogg, Gazza, PDK, Top Cheri and South African DJ Style on the line up.

Gazza performed a few songs from his Pumumu album and The Dogg brought back some of his classics such as ‘Baby don’t go’.

Another impressive act was by the new kid on the block, Top Cheri, who performed a new hit ‘Hangover’ alongside Athawise from Blvck Boxx.

PDK also brought back tracks from their Moko album for their performances.

We however need to take note that it’s not a Namibian show if some technical difficulties do not arise and Buti’s was no exception, with the sound quality sounding questionable at some point.

Another eyebrow raiser is the questionable VIP section which was nowhere to be seen.

Ordinary tickets were sold at N$50 while those who prefer the finer things in life had to fork out N$200 for the VIP.

The organisers did not set up a VIP section, and definitely pulled off quite a scam on that VIP ticket part.

The biggest loss of the night went to the main act who showed up on stage a little late than his fans expected and performed when half of his fans had left.

However, we give Buti 5 stars for unpacking one of the best albums this year.