It’s never too late for an album -Tesh Lavo

Tesh Lavo has no doubt made his mark in music, because he constantly applies his distinctive taste to songs he is on.

His critiques have even questioned if music is indeed his first love, because he is one of few experienced artists who are yet to release their debut album, but he has shut that down saying that a music album should be released when it is ready.

Wilbard Nambundunga aka Tesh Lavo will finally release his first solo album in March of next year.

“I released my single titled Ding Dong featuring Romano and 2Bula and I have already started working on my first upcoming album. I guess it is never too late to drop your first offering” he says.

Ding Dong was produced by Romano, who is a producer based in Walvis Bay.

The song tells the story of the ideal marriage material girl.

“Many times you will find a musician who has about 10 albums but none of the songs are known,” he notes.

Although he gave Vibe a glimpse of his up and coming album, Tesh could not reveal its title as he is yet to come up with one.

The artist who is currently signed under Blvck Boxx record label promises nothing but good music with his next project.

“What made things more difficult in the past is the fact that I did not have a team, but for now, I can confidently say I am working with the right people with the same vision and music lovers can expect a whole lot of new projects and good music,” Tesh says.

Apart from not seeing the need to rush for an album, Tesh revealed that he has been experiencing a few challenges over the years that have somehow resulted in him back slacking on music.

According to Tesh, the new single was well received and is expected to be on different radio stations soon.

He further told Vibe that he is not sure if he will be dropping another single anytime soon.

“I have featured on different types of songs which means I have tried it all and that’s why I will not be focusing on one type of genre only,” he explains.