Swapo spends N$250 000 at congress

Swapo Party Secretary of Information and Mobilisation, Helmut Angula said the congress gobbled up N$250 000. 

Angula said friends including him donated the money. 

“No it didn’t come from Swapo, neither did it come from government, they were just donations from friends and myself,” said the politician.  

This also comes in the background of the party having hosted a fundraising gala dinner which raked in a total of N$1,6 million with about N$1,35 million in pledges.

On top of this, an auction of party items which included portraits and paintings raised over N$280 000. 

These funds were said to go towards accommodation, as well as food and transport for delegates which flocked in from the regions.

In 2012, reports have it that Swapo used an estimated N$ 7 million on 600 delegates.