Ras Sheehama to close Night Under the Stars

Afro-reggae guru and pioneer, Ras Sheehama, will headline and bring down the curtains over the Night Under the Stars this week alongside Zimbabwe’s Monkey Nuts, the Goethe Institut’s event organisers have said. 

This anticipated performance from the two is sure to bring a melting pot of rich lyrical energy as the Goeth Institut bids farewell to its loyal revellers who have been consistent with attendance to these positive-vibration studded nights.

Sheehama brings the hypnotizing feel of his didactic lyrics as he will put mind and soul to claim, captivate and conquer Windhoek’s reggae fanatics. 

Speaking to Vibe, Cultural Programmes Coordinator for the Goeth Institut, Ruth Suermann, said while they have always tilted to up and coming artists, but this time, closing the show would need a tried and tested lyrical force. 

“Very often we bring new and upcoming artists on the stage but for this show, we would like to give our people somebody who is very convincing and well-known.” 

“Reggae is deep, it goes into the blood, this is how I feel. Sheehama is convincing through music. He just does not make nice music, he focusses on what is going on in society and politics. He always comes with a message but also in a positive way so that we can celebrate and this is what we want to do,” she said. 

The Monkey Nuts are different all together and merge a collection of genres into a hybrid-product that is irresistible as it is fresh. 

“We have invited a band from Zimbabwe which are the Monkey Nuts and we will have Ras Sheehama from Namibia.” 

“They bring in something you can not see or hear everyday. I talked to several Zimbabwean musicians here in town and said, tell me about the Monkey Nuts. They said oh its punk, oh its hip-hop, its afro-fusion, I do not know if its music or an installation. So nobody knows how to put it in a nut shell,” Suermann said. 

Prior to the show, the Goethe Institut will, from the 6th to the 7th of December, bring artists from different backgrounds to an interactive seminar hosted in collaboration with Music in Africa Foundation.

This is a platform for African music, aimed to build a network and strengthen exchanges within the region and the continent.

Without necessarily seeking to make this particular show bigger, the organiser said it will be an exclusively special treat.

“Ever since we started with the Night Under the Stars in August 2014, we had something special going on in December. This is to say thank you to all our friends and for this year we have something different,” Suermann said.