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Sunshine champs poised for an early Christmas … as Sakaria Lukas faces off Tello Dithebe

by Kelvin Chiringa

Sunshine academy boxing champs, Sakaria Lukas, Jeremiah Nakathila and Harry Simon Junior will be battling it out in the boxing ring this coming weekend in their quest to rise through the ranks and they have promised nothing but fireworks.   

  Nakathila, otherwise formerly known as “No Respect” but has taken on a new moniker, “Low Key”, will bounce into the ring to face South Africa’s Sibusiso Zingange, with  a single defeat from 14 fights at his back.

The laid back stout main headlining champion, Lukas, will be stirring the winds of his “desert storm” against South Africa’s Tello Dithebe.

Speaking to The Villager this week ahead of the highly anticipated fight, Lukas was confident that his bout will be a walk-over and another of his statistics.

“I have been there. I know people of this magnitude,” he said of Dithebe, rather describing him as a “quitter”.

Dithebe has never fought outside his home-ground and said he was not intimidated by having to face Namibia’s finest on their ground. 

Lukas was pretty much in good shape this week and with a stunning record of 20 fights and 20 wins, the champion is itching to rise through the ranks and break into a major international fight.

Nakathila appeared more relaxed as he faced off with Zingange, rather grinning in his face and showing off his tightly packed ebbs and lean arms.

“I am ready for this anytime,” he told The Villager Sport, “People shouldn’t be late, they should come in time because anytime this fight can end. I believe in my power, my technique, it can end a fight any time.”

His opponent, Zingange, comes with 13 fights, 11 wins and a draw and this would be his third time boxing outside his country though he said he has faced many foreign pugilists on his home ground.

Harry Simon Jnr sees this fight as a watershed campaign, as he begins his rise to the top in the Nestor Sunshine Boxing academy.

The lean, tall and lanky young fighter appeared more composed as he spoke to the media this week, promising to end his fight before the fourth round.

With only 3 fights and 3 wins on his record, the pugilist will face Johannes Kutumba and he has with him the attitude, composure and fluid movements of a potential champion. 

His most recent fight was impressive and he has easily found a soft spot with boxing fanatics who see the rise of a champion in him.