Geingob talks about reforming Swapo

President Hage Geingob listed 17 things he intends to reform within the ruling party Swapo.

Geingob revealed this on Monday when he gave his acceptance speech in Windhoek after a resounding victory that placed him at the top.

He said the party would appoint a full-time administrator whose rank will be the same as that of permanent secretaries.

Geingob also said the secretary general shall be granted two executive assistants to improve office efficiency, while proper accounting and auditing practices will be enforced. 

According to Geingob, the party must account for funds appropriated by parliament as well as revamp the party headquarters.

All regional party workers, Geingob also said, will be compensated for their work.

"It is discomforting to note that comrades who enter into government following elections become financially secure, while those who would have worked tirelessly to ensure victory are still volunteering," he said.

Also, he said the secretariat would be strengthened to function as a cabinet of the secretary general.

This, he added, will align the government and the party through the secretary general who will report cabinet resolutions to this body.

"It will be expected of the secretary-general to immediately after cabinet meetings brief the Swapo heads of departments so that they are kept abreast (with) what has transpired," he said.

Geingob also wants to strengthen the Swapo research capacity by commissioning members at universities to do the work.

Ordinary Swapo members, he said, will be kept informed of the issues affecting the party through social gatherings and workshops.

Ndilimani Cultural Group has not been forgotten, according to Geingob who said the party would ensure the provision of decent houses remuneration.

"The current programme to revamp Ndilimani will, therefore, be expedited," he said.

Another change will be for improving the PLAN fighters' medical aid "while they are still alive".

To raise resources for this, Geingob said the party would ask friendly businesses for financial help.

The Swapo school will focus on strengthening patriotism and devote time and effort towards developing, articulating and clarifying principle positions.

Regular press conferences on Swapo matters will be held once the department of information has been revamped.

Structuring of party companies, Geingob explained, will be done for effective governance, accountability and profitability.

Monthly team building meetings by regional coordinators to enhance information exchange will also be held.

While these suggested changes are welcome for the party, Geingob could also look at how to make all the secretaries permanent.

Currently, all secretaries except the secretary general are party time. This makes it difficult for most of them to grasp issues.

Swapo secretaries are key in that they expound the party's ideology and policy. 

If the secretary for information, for example, is party time, when does he or she get to know all the things that need to be addressed?

Even the secretary for economic affairs, which is a very important portfolio in the party, cannot grasp the intricacies if he or she is party time.