Sunny Boy releases ‘Week in Week out’

Hikwa sensation, SunnyBoy, released a new single recently titled Week in Week out featuring new kid on the block Salvador and rapper Slammer.

SunnyBoy who promises to release his 7th album by next year says he has been working hard in the studio trying to cook up a song which will finally mark his comeback after releasing his 6th album.

“My first single for the year is the song that came out yesterday titled ‘Week in Week out’ which is a track from my upcoming project that will be released by 2018 in March,” He said.

Week in Week out is a song produced by Mr Glo and talks about the everyday life.

He further told Vibe that he has featured a couple of talented musicians on the album while showing excitement about the upcoming project.

He says, “I will not be releasing any album this year, besides that, the year is almost over. I did not want to rush things just for the sake of having a CD but something that is worth listening to.”

Besides music, SunnyBoy says he has been busy running around on other personal projects as well.

The album will be titled Uuyelele and will consist of……tracks although he has completed up to 17 tracks already.

“I have made a mistake with my previous album by not promoting it before it came out, with this one I am planning on shooting 4 new music videos first and release some of the singles from the album at the same time,” SunnyBoy says.

According to the artist, musicians from other countries live off singles and therefore rushing to drop the album remains his last option.

He further mentions that he will only be dropping albums for jukeboxes and for those who need hardcopies.

When asked whether he will be taking part in the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAS), he says registering for the NAMAS is currently not on his to do list.