Behind the scenes with PDK’s Ondjema Music video

Vibe set down with one of Namibia’s most sought after musical troupes, PDK, who went deep into their experience of the making of the video for their latest track, Ondjema, off the latest trending Odikwa album.

With the need to often include images of over moussed hair, gorgeous dancers, tight-fitting clothes and dizzying camera moves, it is definitely a realm of professional video production that can make or break any musician.

Patrick Mwashindange who is one of the members from the troupe tells Vibe that shooting a music video takes time and requires a good story line.

The group shot their Ondjema music video this weekend and says it took them up to two days to complete the whole production.

“On the first day we started at six in the morning and finished at six in the evening and slept for one hour and continued shooting until we were done,” he says.

Although many professionals have cut their teeth and gained valuable experience making music videos, the profession continues to provide a great training ground for those residing anywhere on the video production experience curve.

The Ondjema video was directed by Dee Dee and PDK themselves while all the models and artists where dressed by Maria Nepembe.

“The models we worked with in the video are from Pro Modelling Africa agency. The make-up was done by make-up artist Antonia Shinana,” Patrick tells Vibe.