Shotgun to give record label face lift

After a long hiatus, musician Tulonga Fillemon aka Shotgun is back to revamp his record label ‘Eeshela’ alongside one of Namibia’s most talented producer, Elvo.

Shotgun, who has been doing music since 2006, has so far five albums under his belt and says he is working towards his sixth CD that is set for release in March next year.

“I will only be releasing my album by next year and the reason I have decided to invest in studio equipment’s because when it comes to music one need to have money to pay for studio sessions and all that, so, I decided why not buy studio material rather,” Shotgun says.

After saving up some coins, Shotgun managed to collect different studio equipment until he had a complete recording studio which is now called Eeshela Music Production.

According to Shotgun, he has already released two singles under his newly revamped label while noting that he will be entering for the NAMAS with one of the newly dropped singles.

“I released two singles already this year, one is titled Champion while the other one is called Power,” he says.

The Champion song was released in August while his second song was on air play by last month already.

Shotgun further told Vibe that his music is doing well on different airwaves and may release more singles by next year although he will be busy recording songs for the upcoming album.

The artist says that he has been quiet for some time because he has been planning to turn around his music while searching for the perfect producer to work with.

“I have always wanted to have my own studio but the time is officially here, I can say that I have graduated now. For the past few years, I never had an official album launch party and this time I have decided to launch the coming one on the same date as my birthday,” Shotgun notes.

Although the passionate artist mentions that he is now ready to conquer the world with his upcoming album, he will also take a couple of upcoming musicians under his arm.