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Rehoboth police are useless - community

by Rodney Pienaar 

Police at Rehoboth are useless as they do not act when information regarding drugs is provided to them in order to arrest drug dealers, Chairperson of the ‘Genoeg is Genoeg’ community group, Tony Daniel, has said.

The neighborhood watch roped in top ranking police officials to raid houses that are known for dealing in illegal substances but was only assisted on one occasion where 35 drug dealers were arrested about a year ago.

“We as a group went to the police here in Rehoboth to pinpoint houses that we are suspecting as dealing in drugs. These dealers do these things in the eyes of the community and not in front of police. They try to search these house but they are doing nothing. All they say is that they will be there after an hour or two but never show up. This only leaves on impression for us that the police are useless,” Daniel said.

His group suspects that some of the officers might be working with drug dealers and might be on their pay role.

He said some of the drug barons have been operating for years but have never been arrested. 

Daniel explained that the only time the police raided the houses was when the neighbourhood watch wrote letters to the office of the minister.

“I sent the letter myself and within a day the minister assigned a certain commissioner to contact me. He told me that they were on their way from Windhoek as a drug squad. They came and we showed them all the houses that we knew where dealing in drugs and they found unimaginable drugs at these house,” he said. 

He added that drugs such as Dagga, Mandrax, Rocks and many other illegal substances were found and the dealers locked up. 

Despite Rehoboth being serviced by the Hardap regional police district, yet the Khomas police district had to act on their behalf.

When contacted for a comment, Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga said the police are there to serve communities and not take information provided by the public lightly.

“In cases like this, serious action will be taken. It is the police’s job to make sure thy respond whether the information given to them is genuine. Even if the information is false, they need to go out there and serve the community. Once it is found that the police have not acted on time in cases like this one, we will definitely take action,” he said. 

He said police should appreciate information provided by the public and community members must write down names of police officers that they know as drug users.