Chinese job . . . insiders loot N$300k from embassy


Namibia’s biggest embassy and arguably the most secure diplomatic mission was left counting its loses along 28 Hebenstreit Street, Klein Windhoek, after N$300 000 was stolen last week.

Both the police and Chinese Embassy officials confirmed the daring theft whose case number is CR 105/03/2012.

A man who answered the phone at the Chinese Embassy confirmed the break-in but hung up when asked more questions by V-Metro.

“The case is still under investigation.

I can’t tell you anything now. I cannot talk to you about it because you are not the police,” he said before hanging up.

City Police Superintendent, Garry Shikesho could only confirm saying he was aware of the case but afraid of giving details.

“I’m aware of that case but I’m afraid, my brother.

I’m not the right person to talk to. The right person is the Deputy Commissioner (Silvanus) Nghishidimbwa. I’m sure he will be able to help you,” said Shikesho.

Nghishidimbwa said, “Where did you get that information from? I don’t want to comment on anything but I won’t confirm or deny the incident.”

Although the police report claim that the robbers gained entry by breaking a kitchen window and once inside, they broke an office door to get to the safe which they drilled open using a drill rig.

No arrest had been made by last week.