Tate Buti to shoot ‘The Neighbour of Jacob’

Tate Buti who will be launching his Opena album on the 1st of December will be releasing another movie titled The Neighbour of Jacob by next year, the artist has revealed.

Neighbour of Jacob is a comedy and action packed movie.

“Captain Kalola part II is done already, we are still discussing when exactly it will be out but most of the work is done,” Buti says.

He has not revealed the cast, saying that it will be a surprise.

However, he believes that the movie will leave all comedy lovers glued to their screens once it’s officially out to watch.

“I am Jacob in the movie yes, but I cannot give you all the information then it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore but so far, I love the concept we have. We just need to get the ground work done by the beginning of next year, so that it can be out by mid-December,” he explains.

Buti, will also be launching the Opena album in two weeks’ time where he has managed to get Namibia’s biggest artists to nail the show.

The artists that will be performing at his CD launch are Gazza, The Dogg, PDK, TopCheri and many others.

The event which was supposed to be taking place in Eveline Street however changed the venue to Ramatex in Otjomuise.

His recent album consist of 19 tracks and is produced by Mr Glo and Dj Style from South Africa.