‘O radio’ one of its kind

No one expected “O radio” to get so popular after Maria Lisa Immanuel aka ML took some time off the music industry to manage Kwaito star Exit.

Well, with her new music video that just came out, it seems to be like a good move for her to focus more on her own music rather than wasting time behind the scenes.

The highly anticipated vintage video which is a single from her new album takes you back in time when everyone used to listen to radio.

In this eye-catching video, Immanuel brings back the romantic touch of the old school, bringing to life the nearly dead images of the then famous portable wireless stereos.

The video, filmed by Reggie films is clean and simple.

The use of mirrors creates an aesthetically pleasing world for ML and Neslow to freestyle some dance moves in.

Heads up, the dance is goofy and absolutely perfect.

She sings of the olden days when she used to be in Onekwaya, a settlement in the Ohangwena region and at the Ohalushu village doing labour work while listening to the popular broadcaster.

The shots taken while Neslow sits at his house wall waiting for ML to pick him up to go to a recording studio automatically reminds you of the days where nobody used to care about arriving with the most expensive car to a studio.

Simplicity is evident in the use of bicycles accompanied by shots at the open market where street vendors are jiving while listening to music on their mini radios.

The best part is the shots in the middle of the desert where Neslow and ML dance to their tune with mirrors dazzling behind them.

ML released her album on Itunes in September and according to her social media posts, she will soon be launching and promised to print the songs on normal CD’s.

Well done on this one Lisa.