Temperature clothing targets African markets

Local clothing brand owner and musician Robin Nambili is taking his hustle across the borders, with his Temperature clothing brands now exporting to other countries.

Nambili told Vibe that he is making use of his links in South Africa to get his clothing to a new client base.

According to Tangi, selling clothes outside the country gives him an opportunity to make a profit as Namibians continue to lose interest in supporting local clothing brands.

Apart from business, Tangi is also a musician, producer, Disc Jockey and a student at the University of Namibia (UNAM) where he is studying Information and Technology.

“Temperature is a music record label name initiated by me and my high school friend in 2010 and in 2014, we decided to come up with our own clothing line with the same name,” he said.

Besides business, he is also working towards releasing an album in early 2018 saying that the name of the upcoming album is ‘No Time’.

“Although I cannot give a specific date yet on the release of the album, I can assure everyone that it will be on the Namibian shelves by February,” Tangi said.

Tangi told Vibe that he joined the entertainment industry as a poet before crossing over to music.

“The current trending song is my new single titled ‘Not Time’ featuring Wiz Black and it is actually making waves on local radio stations. People love it. I promise to give the best album,” he said.

Recently, their clothing brand has sold up to 300 T shirts in a day and targets to sells more than 400 T Shirts internationally.

“Our Target is to get our brand out there to the whole of Africa while trying to penetrate into the foreign music industry with my upcoming album as well,” he said while expressing his excitement towards other new projects he is working on.

“The other project is to push for a bigger fan base through dropping free music,” Tangi said.

He further told Vibe that he used to win rap battles in high school when he started imitating the flow of American rapper, Eminem, and decided to never look back.

Although Namibia may not be a fashion powerhouse yet, Tangi said he hopes for nothing but to promote and make bigger sales with the Temperature brand while cooking up new beats in the studio.