You don’t need to be in WHK to make it…Kalux

Otjiwarongo-based artist, Kalux, real name Saggarias Karunga who been in the art of music for three years has said that aspiring artist do not need to move to Windhoek to penetrate the music industry.

The artist has recently launched his new 19 track album titled ‘Tuafeni’ and said it has been received well and few songs are already making waves at local radio stations.

“I don’t think I need to be based in Windhoek for my music to gain popularity, it is all about the strategy one uses to promote the music. There are so many social media platforms that we as artists can use to make sure that the word goes out there,” Kalux says.

Although Kalux mentions that there are different tools that musicians from small towns can use to easily penetrate into the music scene, he says travelling to the city back and forth for media coverage has been the only challenge.

Spending about four months in studio, Kalux produced the ‘Tuafeni’ album in September, a fusion of unique and entertaining, upbeat sounds, and great lyrics.

The seemingly reserved musician also tells Vibe that he has already shot three new music videos and aims to work on seven more by 2018 off the ‘Tuafeni’ album.

“I have videos for three songs already, which are Isa, I want to know and Kudurupa and my target is 10. I am not planning on releasing an album anytime soon, I will just be pushing the current one while focusing on my gigs,” he notes.

The award winning crooner further tells Vibe that he speaks six languages and always makes sure to cater for the whole nation when it comes to his music.

“I speak Kavango, Damara, Oshiwambo, English, Afrikaans including Otjiherero and I am planning on learning how to speak Portuguese and French too,” Kalux says.

The superstar is also blessed with producing skills as he has worked on his own album together with two more producers S2 and Kallo on the beat.