Kunene to get VTC …will boost town and region’s economy - Ndjoze-Ojo

High Education deputy minister Dr Becky Ndjoze-Ojo has welcomed the construction of Kunene region’s vocational training center, and said it will boost the region’s economy.

The first phase of construction is expected to kick off in June next year and an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been cleared.

“The institution will not only serve as a vocational training center but also as a symbol that Kunene region will be producing future experts in different fields. This will be the only tertiary educational institution Kunene region. This means that all the years after independence, all of the students that completed school or dropped out had to travel or move to another region for further studies,” Ndjoze-Ojo said. 

She added that vocational training is one of the key programmes the government is focusing on to alleviate poverty, and once a person gains skills through vocational training, they are able to sustain their families either through self-employment or working for corporate companies. 

The public relations officer at the Khorixas Town Council Ebben Xoagub has also confirmed that all paper work on the new facility are done.

“We are only waiting on the construction phase to kick off so we can witness our people of the town graduate here and going for training in other regions will be a thing of the past. Once completed this vocational school will serve the whole of Kunene region’s inhabitants to gain necessary skills to put bread on their tables in the future,” Xoagub said.

He added that the removal of the previous VTC has affected the region negatively.

The town is optimistic that this construction will attract investors, and hope that they will look into building more houses for accommodation.

“This is a milestone reached not only by the inhabitants of Kunene region but the whole country. This school will make sure that we have experts produced within our region ,and that learners are rest assured that they do not have to leave home to get decent education elsewhere but within their region. I urge all the people of Kunene region to look after the training centre so the future generations can benefit from the fruit of this training centre,” Xoagub said.