Groot Aub soccer bonanza to fund elders’ Christmas

The community of Groot Aub will host a soccer bonanza to raise funds for an early Christmas treat to about 400 of the settlement’s elders.

More that 15 teams have already confirmed that they will take part in the tournament which is slated for next weekend, the chairperson of the event organizing committee of Groot Aub Herman Gaoëb told The Villager. 

“The community has decided to host this soccer tournament in order to collect funds to buy Christmas presents for the elders, and to organise a small party for them in order to show our appreciation as community members that we care for them,” Gaoëb said. 

He added that this is the fist time that the community will witness a tournament of this magnitude and there will be some activities during the evening such including a dancing competition.

Money collected from the entrance fees at the gates as well as that provided by the teams to take part in the competition will be used to buy gifts.

The committee has plans to make the tournament an annual event. 

According to Gaoëb, the winner of the tournament will walk away with N$8 000 and 15 gold medals while the two semifinalists get N$ 2 500 each, 15 silver and 5 bronze medals respectively.

The top goal scorer and the best goal keeper will also walk away with N$1000 each.

A dancing competition will see the winners walk away with cash prizes.

“The dancing competition has been organised to make it fair for the youth that will not take part in the soccer tournament to enter the competition on their on will and to enjoy themselves even if they do not walk away with any winnings,” Gaoëb said. 

The winner of the dancing competition in the category of age group 7 – 14 will walk away with a cash prize of N$ 2 000 and the winner in the category of age group 15 – 25 will get with a cash prize of N$4 000. 

“It is not all about wining and fund raising through the tournament but we have also organised a gala dinner for networking in order for everyone that will attend to witness games and competitions to get to know each other in terms of later sharing business ideas as GrootAub is now developing fast,” Gaoëb told The Villager. 

The main sponsor of this tournament is NawaZone and more that 5000 persons are expected to make their way to Groot Aub to witness the competitions.