Can Harry Simon Jnr fill father’s shoes?

Boxing legend, Harry Simon’s son, Harry Simon Jnr has begun his quest to fill in his father’s shoes and be Namibia’s next undefeated world champion.

After vain efforts to land an interview with this up and coming germ soon after The Villager witnessed one of his slick bouts at his most recent fight, boxing promoter Nestor Tobias finally gave the thumps up.

The preverbal saying that the apple does not fall far from the tree is self-fulfilling on Harry Simon Jnr who says, it was not after all his father who brought him to boxing, but a basketball coach. 

“I started boxing at the age of 12,” begins the well-cultured pugilist, “I was actually a basketball player and we had a tournament at the netball court, there was a tournament going on there.”

With his trainer having had showed up with some of his boxing boys in hand-pads, the younger Simon Jnr gave up the court for the ring, and it was then that the hunger to repeat the exploits of his father began to grow.

Harry Simon Snr was in England making his name then, and little did he know that his progeny had in that moment made up his mind to be a champion.

“Maybe he wanted someone like a son to box,” smiles the young champ, “He knew how boxing is. If I had a son, I wouldn’t recommend him to box because boxing is a serious sport. You can get hurt from it.”

And so it seems, the future looks bright for the young pugilist whose star has already gone ahead of him with the Herculean efforts of Namibia’s first undefeated world boxing champion, his very own father.

“Everything is in my coach and promoter’s hands,” he says with a tincture of submission, “If they have got plans for me, yea, and I do my best then I think we can do great things.”

The boxer has three fights and three wins so far and on the 2nd of December he will be entering the ring to once again prove his salt in a face off with Sakaria Sheehama.

“In boxing, there is no such thing as an easy fight. If you don’t train well and don’t follow your coach’s instructions and stuff, you can have problems in a match. Like this match, I am working out well, preparing everything with my coaches,” he said.

The champ, who has hogged media spotlight ever since he landed in Windhoek from his Walvis Bay stable says there is no time for rest.

“I always get a lot of tips from my father. He always gives me good routines to work out on my own and what to eat,” he says. 

The young boy is lanky, calm and focused, soft in speech and tough in his vision and he says he has given up everything to live his dream of becoming a legend.

Speaking of his fighting style, the slick boxer says he mixes tactics with hard punches with well-calculated moves.

Simon Jnr has all the hall marks of a champion, he has the character and stamina as well as the technique, able to conserve his energy and quick to exploits weak points, taking a fight to his opponent. 

At his latest exploit at the Windhoek Country Club and Resort, Simon Jnr stole the limelight with his show-boating and clean jabs that caught his opponent at every turn, hard and to the point.

But he says he has a whole lot of pressure on his back with too much expectations from his fan base.

The rise of Harry Simon Jnr begins and with a coach that has managed to groom world class boxers, it seems he has the tide in his favour.