JuliArt Cult brings back body confidence

Namibian artist, Julia Hango, will be hosting her 11th life drawing session at the Warehouse Theatre’s Cellar of Rock on the 5th of December and the session focuses on nude drawings.

Julia told Vibe that she decided to host this particular event on a monthly basis to encourage every individual to love and embrace their bodies.

The artist who started her journey after having started off as a nude photographer for some time, says that she is trying to boost self-love through her sessions which is a campaign that she has been pushing since the beginning of the year.

“I started as a nude photographer and I used to exhibit my art at the National Art Gallery until I actually decided to come up with a drawing session to take place every month though we did not have one in August,” she says.

Julia who believes that the session has managed to attract more people over the past few months says that models have shown interest and have been coming on board although few become quite shy when undressing themselves.

“At the beginning, models are always worried about what the artist might think about their body, however, they immediately become comfortable after they realise that the artist is doing nothing but taking sketches,” she says.

Julia further explained that so far the artists understand the confidentially of every session saying that no one is allowed to take pictures of the naked models while drawing to assure their safety.

“On the other hand, we give each model taking part a contract to sign that they agree to be naked while imposing strict rules when it comes to the drawing session,” Julia notes.

According to Julia, her audience are not just artists but everyone who knows how to draw and willing to participate saying that she also has local musicians who are willing to take part.