Quzza to release new single

Onekwaya based Kwaito artist, Julius Kamhulu, better known as Quzza Kastano will be releasing his new single this coming Saturday titled Another Level.

With his lyrics that are swift and on point, Quzza is also planning on dropping his second album that he describes as a mixture of many genres.

“I am not planning on releasing any album soon I will definitely be dropping the second one in January called ‘Hard work and Dedication’ but I am no sure on how many tracks it is going to consist of yet,” Quzza tells Vibe.

Hard work and Dedication talks about the struggles he went through to get his music out there as he had to travel up and down to get the best sound from qualified producers.

Besides his second album, he will also be launching his new clothing line in Omafo at the end of November.

“My clothing line is the name of my previous album Saliwasa which was released early this year and people are still jiving to the songs. My fan base is mostly in the north and that is why I decide to rather launch here,” Quzza explained.

Although the young talented musician plans on working towards completing ‘Hard work and Dedication’, he says finance remains a challenge as his music requires him to record at bigger studios in Windhoek.

On his previous album, he features local artists such as Jomolizo, Jero, Gallo 7, Kavax and many others.

Quzza is not only good at bringing great party vibes to his albums, he has also been blessed with producing skills.

“I do produce, In the next few years, I will have to be producing my own albums because always being on road is not working out for me anymore,” he says.

When asked whether he will be taking part in this year’s NAMAs, he says he will register and hope to be nominated for the first time.