Swapo congress must go on… as High Court postpones Omaheke case to Wednesday

Deputy Judge President Hosea Angula postponed the case in which four Omaheke Swapo members want an order to prevent several Omaheke region delegates from attending the elective congress on Thursday.

The matter in which the applicants are suing the party and other swapo members was postponed to Wednesday 09h00 for hearing.

The application by Kejamuina Mungendje, Maleagi Ndisiro, Frans Murangi and Progarius Muriambihu seeks an order to declare the Aminus district conference, Kalahari extra-ordinary district conference, Okorukambe extra-ordinary district conference, Otjinene district conference and the Omaheke regional conferences (together with the party Political Bureau endorsement) null and void.

This application also seeks to prevent 27 selected delegates to the congress representing Omaheke region and its districts from attending the event.

The applicants have also sought an order in which they should be absolved from the cost of the proceedings if they are unsuccessful in their application.

DJP Angula has made it clear in court today that he is not going to stop congress from taking place this Thursday.

In turn, he asked that the respondents who showed up in their numbers in court today be given until Tuesday morning 12h00 to file their opposing papers.

The 30+ respondents who showed up at the High Court this afternoon indicated that they had not seen the notice in which they had been summoned to court on this matter.

They have also argued that there is a language barrier as some of them only speak, Afrikaans, Khoekhoe-Gowab, Setswana, Otjiherero and Oshiwambo and therefore did not understand what the court required them to do.

The applicants were represented by lawyers Tuhafeni Muhongo and Kadhila Amoomo.

Swapo was represented by Dirk Conradie and Sackey Akweenda.